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Did You Get Your Kids Eyes Checked This Year? Vision Is Critical For School.

It’s back to school time. Vision is critical for learning and school performance. Do you know if your kids are visually optimized for school?

Why is vision so important for kids in school?

Clear vision is important in the classroom environment. Chalkboards, whiteboards, and projectors teachers use are at a distance and kids may not be seeing letters and objects as clearly as they could. They could be missing out on subtle details or mistaking things such as seeing a “C” as an “O”. Kids, due to lack of experience, often don’t know what they’re missing visually.

Some eye conditions can make it difficult for children to achieve clear vision. For these kids they may have a harder time focusing and get tired eyes easily. Others have a harder time tracking and lose their place while reading or lack depth perception due to eye muscle problems. Both of these situations will impact performance and confidence.

Why should school age children have a regular exam?

A comprehensive eye exam can detect issues and many can be addressed before they become problems. Properly fit eyeglasses can address a number of the common vision issues that children have.

In addition to the vision optimization, the general health of the eye is important to establish. Making sure all the eye structures are normal and healthy are important foundations for optimal visual performance. Eye exams can reveal less common vision issues. Color vision should be tested and to identify any challenges that a child has at an early age. In addition “lazy” eyes can be caused by eye alignment disorders or high differences between the eyes. When treated early some of these can be effectively cured.

How often should you have your children’s eyes examined?

Definitely consult an eye doctor if you notice changes in your child’s behavior such as squinting, eye crossing or turning out, or red and irritated eyes. In general it is a good practice to visit an eye doctor for a comprehensive eye exam before the beginning of the school year or at least every year to two years. If it has been a year or more since you have had your children in for an exam, set up an appointment today.